'Percy Jackson' TV Show Changed One Thing About Camp Half-Blood, But Fans Love It

'Percy Jackson' TV Show Changed One Thing About Camp Half-Blood, But Fans Love It
Image credit: Disney+

In the Riordanverse, Camp Half-blood is the only safe place for demigods to hide from the monsters that hunt them.

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' seems to be doing a good job keeping up with the book canon — at least judging by the first look provided in the show's teaser that was released last week.

However, the show does seem to bring a certain unexpected vision of Camp Half-blood — a place for all Greek demigods to feel safe and train for their missions. In the books, the place is described as an area in Long Island filled with cabins for the children of every god. It is a pretty "civilized" place, with an arena for swordfighting, an archery field, and even a climbing wall with lava, as well as an amphitheater and the Big House.

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians', however, takes us into some sort of a forest, bringing more nature into the camp sites than many fans imagined. However, the final result seems to sit well with people. After all, putting the camp into a forest seems to make sense.

"Camp is definitely more nature-y than I'd expected. Makes sense though, given how many satyrs and nature spirits live there," Reddit user johan38473 noted.

Even those who still prefer the book description of the camp are perfectly fine with the way the show puts it.

"Agreed on the forresty part. I think a lot of the design of the series is going to be different to how I imagined the books and I'm ok with that. The books will always be my camp half blood but this still looks really awesome." – /spoiledsalsa

In fact, it turns out that a lot of fans had starkly different visions of how Camp Half-blood actually look. Many people believed it was situated near a large pond or a lake, while others seem to be genuinely surprised by those who have been imagining something else but a forest.

Another thing about the camp that fans liked is how authentic and "alive" it looked.

"I was really surprised at how alive it looked. In this age of Disney+ shows where everything is washed out and grey and has no personality it was weird seeing vibrant orange shirts and just how green camp looked." – /johan38473

As fans are buzzing in excitement, they will still have to wait for 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' to premiere on Disney Plus. Despite being originally slated for a 2023 release, the show seems to feature a 2024 premiere on its IMDb page. The precise premiere date is yet to be announced by the showrunners.