'Riverdale' Returns From Hiatus To Become A Multiverse, And Characters Have Superpowers Now. Wait, What?

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If you remember ‘Riverdale’ as a teenage angst drama… forget about it. Oh, maybe you remember it as a musical? Forget that one as well.

After a four-month hiatus, ‘Riverdale’ has returned to the screens - and, according to fans, has “completely gone mad”.

It seems that it is now more of a superhero multiverse story than the teenage drama with a sprinkle of a detective we all loved. Who are the new superheroes, you might ask? Well, it’s Archie and Betty - the first one is kinda invulnerable, and the latter can feel people’s auras.

Even though the writers prefer to call it “gifts”, not “superpowers”, this still does not sit well with the fans.

It seems that nothing can surprise Riverdale fans anymore.

At least someone’s happy.

However, there are people who apparently wanted to see the Arrowverse a lot more than Riverdale kids with superpowers.

How far would it go? Not further than copyright can allow, but still.

‘Riverdale’ has been airing since 2017, beginning - as everyone has already noted - as a teenage drama with characters sporadically solving mysterious crimes. There have been 6 seasons, and well, it’s still going… somewhere.

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