'The Boys' Fan Theory Suggests Vought and Stan Edgar Control Butcher

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Now that's going to be a game-changer.

With Billy Butcher acquiring temporary superpowers, it might finally be time when the Boys level the playing field and bring justice to the world filled with superhero egoists… or not really.

In fact, fans think that the opportunity for Butcher and the Boys to take advantage of the temporary V24 serum was carefully orchestrated by Vought and its CEO Stan Edgar.

While Butcher's ultimate aim is to put an end to corrupt superheroes who are promoted by big companies, the big companies might be just using him to make sure things remain as they were. One fan theory on Reddit suggests that Butcher's victory is simply going to help Edgar prove that temporary superheroes are way better than the permanent ones, but essentially, nothing will change.

Basically, history might repeat itself, with Edgar protecting the son of Homelander, Ryan Butcher, in order to get him to replace Homelander, just like the latter replaced Soldier Boy back at the time.

If the Boys have been inadvertently working for Vought for this entire time, their goal being nothing short of bringing Homelander down in order to replace him with temp V-induced humans, it might be a terrible realization for Butcher. But for Edgar, this might be the ultimate goal: he gets to promote temp V and finally push the idea of supes in the military – this time, the permanent heroes' ego not being a problem anymore.

"I believe no matter what and how this plays out Stan Edgar is back in the fold as the most menacing villain. I believe he's done this on purpose. In his mind relying on supes to take down another didn't work. He wants humans to take them down, hence the boys." – /InsaneGenis.

The eighth and final episode of 'The Boys' is due to come out this Friday. Who knows, maybe the Vought CEO will end up being the biggest villain of the series?

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