'The Boys': Reddit Proposes a Crazy Maeve Theory For Season 4

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Queen Maeve may have escaped a horrible death and received a happy ending of sorts, but fans expect her to return to action next season in a very interesting way.

Over the course of the three seasons of 'The Boys', Maeve has undergone a major transformation, going from being Homelander's trusty sidekick to a true revolutionary, arguing with her boss and supplying Billy Butcher with a super-serum. At the end of the season, she fights alongside Butcher and Soldier Boy, and even knocks out Homelander, and despite fan expectations, the villainous superhero does not kill the heroine as she escapes to a distant farm with her girlfriend. But is this really the end for Queen Maeve?

Not really, if Reddit is to be believed. Recalling the delicate love story between Maeve and Butcher, fans have offered a rather strange but surprisingly plausible theory, revealing Maeve as one of the protagonists of the upcoming fourth season.

"Maeve is going to learn she's pregnant with Butcher's child. She was ready for everything to be over and ready and willing to die... but she's gonna have to rethink everything after learning she's pregnant. And next season, Karl Urban is gonna show a ton of acting range portraying Butcher as the guy who wanted to kill all supes, until he learns he's about to have a biological son who is a supe." – /DownloadUphillinSnow.

Even though some fans argue that this theory is completely insane, the idea of testing Butcher's opinion on supes is pretty genius, and people really want Eric Kripke to heed this suggestion.

"I thought Maeve being pregnant was a weird take, but thinking about the arc it will bring with Billy looking at supes now as less two dimensional is genius. It makes the what felt a bit forced scene with them doing it in the first place make a lot more sense. It’s perfect parallel story writing with how MM is creating OCD for his daughter(the emphasis on her grabbing her arm) the same way OCD was created for him, because of what happened to his family." – /TreeHugger7663.

On the more absurd side, the Maeve baby theory could allow Amazon Prime to expand 'The Boys' franchise in a rather unexpected way, creating an adult youth show set a couple of years in the future. If, of course, those characters manage to survive the fourth season. Soon-to-be-a-proper-villain Ryan with his half-brother born and raised by Maeve, navigating high school, college, life and relationships? Now that's a young adult show 'The Boys' fans would definitely watch.

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