'The Umbrella Academy': Since Klaus is Immortal, Can He Survive an Apocalypse?

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If he can live through the actual end of the world, is it even a concern for him?

In 'The Umbrella Academy' season 3, Klaus Hargreeves comes to terms with the new limits of his ability to communicate with the dead. He learns that he is not only capable of reaching out to the afterlife, but is also immortal himself.

No matter how he died, Number Four would always come back to life, as we observed during his training with Sir Reginald Hargreeves who forced him to die in a car accident multiple times to practice resurrection.

This brings up a question: is Klaus capable of surviving the end of the world?

Moreover, if he can indeed live through it, then what are the chances that Five was not completely alone in the post-apocalyptic world he transported himself to in his childhood?

Some fans believe that Klaus was not experienced enough with using his skills at the time.

"He probably thought he was actually dead and didn't realize he could come back." – @qualitybumbos.

Still, this possibility might be a real game-changer for 'The Umbrella Academy', as it basically alleviates any concerns that Klaus might personally have regarding any possible apocalypses that, let's be honest, might occur again.

In season 3, Klaus at some point makes a decision to stay in the void and leave the universe to die. Despite Luther bringing him back eventually, Number One might not be around next time to talk Klaus out of simply giving up, choosing eternal life and refusing to clean up the apocalyptic mess his siblings keep discovering themselves in.

'The Umbrella Academy' is yet to be renewed, with creators hinting that they already pitched season 4 to Netflix. Meanwhile, season 3 is currently streaming on the platform.

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