'Thor: Love and Thunder' Press Tour Kicks Off... But There's Still No Trailer

'Thor: Love and Thunder' Press Tour Kicks Off... But There's Still No Trailer
Image credit: Legion-Media

The absence of the 'Love and Thunder' trailer has long bothered fans, getting a lot of people bracing for yet another potential delay of the movie. But worry not!

Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram to announce the long-anticipated press tour for 'Thor: Love and Thunder ', promising that the movie is going to be "wild".

And even though the fans were more than happy to hear the news, there's still one pressing issue that's getting people fuming online.

Where. Is. That. Trailer?

There are less than 100 days remaining until the premiere, but fans have neither seen a poster, nor a teaser, let alone a full-scale trailer. People are getting mad when they see 'Love and Thunder' trending precisely because there is no trailer, not due to its release.

But some smarties have come up with a pretty reasonable explanation.

Until then, fans can let it all out in memes – which is exactly what they're doing.

The new Thor movie is hitting theaters on July 8, with as little known about the film as possible before the release. Fans are trying to get a sneak peek of Thor's new look from the new merch, while desperately deciphering a few behind-the-scenes photos from the set. However, if the trailer or promo material is not released due to possible spoilers for 'Multiverse of Madness', then it's likely fans will get more after the 'Doctor Strange ' sequel premiere, which is slated for May 6.