'Westworld' Season 4: Reddit Has A Theory About The Golden Age Park

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The HBO sci-fi series has only released two episodes of its fourth season so far, but fans are already praising the latest installment as the best one yet, developing theories and unearthing secret meanings behind the scenes.

The second episode introduced an entirely new park, The Golden Age, designed as a faithful recreation of Prohibition-era cities, with men in suits and hats, dangerous femme fatales, and ubiquitous mobsters hanging around on the waterfront. Caleb and Maeve get into the park to uncover its secret purpose, because this entertainment venue was created by hosts William and Hale, not humans like all the previous ones. So why are robots trying to lure rich people to their park? Fortunately, there are some interesting theories on Reddit.

The most popular theory is that hosts invite powerful people into their park to study their behavior, to learn their secrets, so that they can later kidnap them and replace them with hosts. Yes, it looks like the robots are finally preparing for a full-scale showdown against humans, creating moles among the human elite.

"Definitely getting major Futureworld vibes in this episode. I'm getting the feeling we're going to find out that The Golden Age park is a front to get the world's richest and powerful people in and have them switched with hosts." – /spanishboyalej.

But this theory has one big flaw – why create an army of robots based on powerful humans if each host has its own unique personality, and might not want to go to war against humans? But, as always, some fans have some pretty plausible answers to this question, referring to Dolores' previously shown plan.

"What's different is many of the new hosts are based on the same personality—Halores. They all want what she wants. It will be a while before they start to diverge but for now they're all on the same page." – /pfc9769.

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