10 '90s Horror Gems You Can't Watch Just Once

10 '90s Horror Gems You Can't Watch Just Once
Image credit: Universal Pictures

While most people treat horror movies as a one-time affair, watching them once and forgetting all about them hours after the credits roll, there are some movies in the genre that deserve to be re-watched on multiple occasions. Yes, jump scares and the like won't scare you on repeat viewings, but the narrative and style of the movie can easily grow on you, making rewatching a worthy affair.

And of all the past decades, the 90's proved to be the best for horror in general, as dozens of truly great scary movies were released during that time, and some of them are simply impossible not to revisit from time to time.

Here are 10 horror gems from the '90s that you can't watch just once:

In compiling this list, we decided to include not only classic horror films, but also some hidden gems, as they are just as worthy of revisiting as the more popular titles.

The unique styles of the aforementioned films demand multiple viewings, as it is the only way for fans to properly absorb all of the ingenuity that the directors and screenwriters came up with.

Yes, the horror aspects of these movies may diminish a bit because of rewatching, but their quality as movies will only increase, take our word for it.