10 Actors You Totally Forgot Got Nominated For Oscars

10 Actors You Totally Forgot Got Nominated For Oscars
Image credit: Legion-Media

Getting an Oscar nod is a huge deal for actors, kind of like getting a gold star in Hollywood, but with so many stars lighting up the screen over the Oscars' long history, it's easy to forget some of the actors who've been up for these prestigious awards.

For instance, Jeff Goldblum, who's basically the cool, quirky uncle of Hollywood. You might remember him from hits like The Big Chill and The Fly, where he totally knocked it out of the park, but even though he's turned in a bunch of top-notch performances, he's never been nominated for an acting Oscar.

But here's a fun fact: Goldblum did get an Oscar nod back in 1996, not for acting but for a short film he directed called Little Surprises, which just goes to show that this guy is full of unexpected talents.

Here are some more surprising Hollywood stars that you never knew were actually nominated for an Oscar:

Hopefully, this list will feel a bit like a treasure hunt, digging up those moments when an actor got to take a bow for their hard work, even if it's not the first thing we think of when we see their faces on screen; it's a reminder of those surprise nominations that might make you say, "Oh yeah, I totally forgot they were up for an Oscar that one time!" It's all about celebrating those bits of movie magic that might have slipped our minds but definitely deserve a round of applause.