10 Animated Movies You Didn't Know Were Nominated for Oscar

10 Animated Movies You Didn't Know Were Nominated for Oscar
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the world of animated movies, the Oscars have a special prize for the best ones, and it only started in 2001, which is pretty recent if you think about it.

Since then, a bunch of movies have gotten nominated, and not just the ones you hear about all the time from Disney or Pixar, but also films from other places like Dreamworks and Nickelodeon have had their moment too.

Some of these nominated movies have the wildest stories you could imagine.

Like a kid who's a genius inventing cool stuff and saving his parents from a group of invading aliens, penguins who love to surf the waves, and a little girl who makes friends with a creature from outer space; it just goes to show that as long as a story is told well, it doesn't matter how out-there the idea is, it can still get a nod from the big shots at the Oscars.

So, this list is here to shine a light on those animated films that might have slipped under your radar but have been up there with the best of the best at the Oscars; it's for anyone who loves getting swept away by animation and maybe discovering some hidden gems that have been recognized for their greatness.