10 Best Bone-Chilling Thrillers to Stream on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Bone-Chilling Thrillers to Stream on Netflix Right Now
Image credit: The Orchard, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Your Netflix subscription is enough for a spooky night — if you know what to watch.

10. Gerald's Game (2017)

Spicing your romantic life up sounds like a nice idea, but it doesn’t always work out. A couple rents a remote house to spend some quality time together, but the husband dies mid-process, leaving his wife handcuffed to the bed next to him. Now, she’s alone and desperate as her most terrifying fears come to haunt her into insanity…

9. The Open House (2018)

You should never ignore your pad’s imperfections in hopes it gets better by itself. A grieving mother and her teenage son who just lost the father of the family move into a house in the woods. They pretend to be OK while they’re really not, and this attitude translates to the house; but they really should have moved out immediately.

8. Perdida (2018)

Loss and grief are powerful forces, but not always the ones to follow through with. A young policewoman’s childhood friend disappeared when they were still kids, and 14 years later, she reopens the case. But some things should just be left alone; soon, the policewoman finds herself in grave danger thanks to her investigation.

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7. The Drowning (2021)

Delusion is a terrible way to overcome trauma even if it seems to be helping. A grieving mother who lost her son years ago meets a teenager who looks just like him. She convinces herself the boy is her long-lost child, and her desperation pushes her to extreme measures and threatens to shatter the woman’s psyche for good.

6. Creep (2014)

One-day gigs are a great way to grow your amateur portfolio, but you shouldn’t jump on every opportunity. When a young videographer gets hired to record a dying man’s last videos for his unborn son, he travels into a remote location with him… Only to soon realize that the man’s intentions might be very different from what he said.

5. Lavender (2016)

Memories can be just as dangerous as the lack thereof. After a young photographer revisits her childhood house, where her family mysteriously died many years ago, she becomes plagued by visions and suffers memory loss. Her doctor advises her to return to the place she grew up again, not knowing what it means.

4. The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

The past is joy for some and haunting for others. An elderly legal counselor recollects the chilling events of his unresolved homicide case hoping to find closure, but he reopens his own past wounds. The ugly truth behind a years-old investigation and his own relationship with his superior don’t let go of him.

3. Dismissed (2017)

We don’t always know what the people around us are capable of, and sometimes, it’s better that way. A straightforward teacher disagrees with an honors student in his essay, and the young boy doesn’t take that lightly. The unfortunate tutor is yet to discover that apart from academics, his protege is capable of more sinister things.

2. Bird Box (2018)

We rely on our eyes too much in our daily lives, don’t you think? When a mysterious presence drives those who see it to suicide all over the world, a woman puts blindfolds on herself and her children and embarks on a dark and twisted journey to safety, using her parrots’ reaction to surroundings to learn about upcoming dangers.

1. Go with Me (2016)

A young woman returns to her hometown after college and falls victim to a mysterious man’s sexual harassment. Apart from her two friends, no one dares to go against the man, terrified of his very name; isolated from the town’s other inhabitants, the trio finds themselves one-on-one with the insane predator.