10 Best Horror Movies On Prime Video, Ranked By Fans

10 Best Horror Movies On Prime Video, Ranked By Fans
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If you have a love for horror movies and a Prime Video subscription, your next Spooky Saturday Night can go a long way.

10. The Amityville Horror (2005)

Back to the 1970s we go to witness a classic haunted house tale. A happy married couple and their three kids move into a large house after getting a bargain deal on it, but they don’t anticipate that there are already occupants there in the form of demonic forces that one year ago, forced a man to massacre his entire family.

9. Overlord (2018)

And now we jump as far from classic horror movies as possible. Overlord is a unique combination of war action and horror, following a small group of American soldiers who infiltrate a small village occupied by the Nazi on D-Day eve. It’s not just the Germans they find here: the soldiers face the terrifying results of Nazi experiments.

8. Sleep Tight (2011)

A deeply miserable apartment concierge finds his reason to live in troubling the inhabitants of the apartments. He spies on them and learns every little detail about them, making their lives insufferable. One young woman catches his special attention. Obsessed with her, the man will go to any lengths to “wipe the smile off her face.”

7. Hell Baby (2013)

What happens when a couple expecting a baby moves into the most haunted house available on the real estate market? Surely, the devil won’t be reborn through the child, and the happy parents won’t have to call upon the Vatican's elite exorcists to rid them of the demonic child, right? Wrong. Devil babies are as creepy as it sounds.

6. Wish Upon (2017)

When a shy outcast teenager discovers a magical box that grants seven wishes, she expects her life to turn to the better, but every wish manifests in a malicious fashion and comes at a bloody price. How long will it take the girl to make the connection between her wishes, the tragedies around her, and the weird scripture on the box?

5. I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

An innocent aspiring writer retreats to a cabin in the woods to work on her new novel, but her peace doesn’t last long. A group of men break into the cabin, brutalize her in the darkest ways, and leave her for dead. The young woman survives, and her only goal is revenge: she’ll find them all and make them suffer just like she did.

4. Jack Frost (1997)

How bizarre can a serial killer’s story be? The sky's the limit, and Jack Frost proves it. After a dead maniac’s genetic material mixes with an experimental substance and snow as a result of a car crash, the town soon meets its new tormentor: an evil snowman who carries on the serial killer’s legacy. Told you, the sky's the limit!

3. We Are What We Are (2013)

The Parker family seems to be good-natured, if a little reclusive and religious. But the secrets they have been hiding for generations are better left intact, for this family’s ancient customs and beliefs don’t follow the usual canons and might just be tied to the half the missing people cases in the region. It’d be a shame to join them.

2. Hereditary (2018)

Before the mother’s death, nothing wicked was going on in the house. But as soon as she was six feet under, her grave was desecrated — and terrifying things began happening to her family members. Trying to prevent new tragedies, the living relatives discover more and more repulsing secrets of the family’s past.

1. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

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The absolute golden classic of the horror genre and the parent of most zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead follows one of the first zombie attacks in the United States. In Pennsylvania, a group of survivors try to barricade themselves in a farmhouse to escape the living dead, but the resources are scarce, and the zombies are restless.