10 Best Picture Oscars Winners That Aged Poorly

10 Best Picture Oscars Winners That Aged Poorly
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Oscars' Best Picture award is often seen as the crowning achievement for any film, a surefire sign of cinematic greatness, but let's face it: some of these so-called 'masterpieces' have aged about as well as a milk carton left out in the sun.

Sure, snagging the Best Picture nod means a film gets its name etched into the annals of movie history, but time has a way of showing us that not all of these winners are the timeless classics they were once thought to be.

Since the first Academy Awards in 1929, the Oscars have evolved in leaps and bounds – new categories popped up, the number of nominees expanded, and the rules of the game have been rewritten, but most crucially, the Academy has shifted towards a more inclusive and globally aware mindset, leaving some past winners looking a bit out of touch with today's sensibilities.

As the Oscars continue to shed their old conservative skin, a slew of former Best Picture champs now stick out like sore thumbs, relics of a bygone era that don't quite resonate with contemporary views or values.

Meanwhile, a handful of more recent victors were given the cold shoulder almost immediately, their wins raising eyebrows for what they symbolize in the current cultural landscape.