10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Stream on Apple TV+ in March 2024

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Stream on Apple TV+ in March 2024
Image credit: Warner Bros., Sony Pictures

Undoubtedly, the sci-fi genre is one of the most interesting when it comes to world-building and lore, as the broad scope of the genre doesn't limit writers to our rather boring reality, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild. And sometimes, when the director's ideas and the production crew's skills come together, the result is a movie that is not only well written, but also looks great.

With the rise of streaming platforms, fans can watch almost any sci-fi movie whenever they want, which has greatly benefited the often underrated genre!

Here are 10 of the best sci-fi movies to stream on Apple TV+:

As you've probably noticed, most of the movies on this list are certified classics when it comes to sci-fi storytelling, with almost all of them influencing a lot of movies that came after.

And even though you've probably seen some of the sci-fi movies mentioned above, that doesn't mean you don't need to see them again. On the contrary, even the most normal-looking movies on this list are quite complex in terms of plot and narrative structure, and require a lot of repeated viewing.

Luckily, they're all available to stream on Apple TV +, so you can spend some March nights binge-watching the sci-fi classics.