10 Best Thriller Movies Of 2023 (& Where to Stream Them in 2024)

10 Best Thriller Movies Of 2023 (& Where to Stream Them in 2024)
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For the better part of a decade, critics and industry professionals have been declaring the thriller a dead genre, arguing that its very foundation seems trite and outdated in today's world.

Despite this backlash, thrillers are still at the top of their game, and while they may not be making the box office numbers they did a decade ago, their quality still appeals to fans.

Here are the 10 best thrillers of 2023:

The thriller is a difficult genre to master - it exists on the edge of horror, action and drama, and it's very important that none of the elements of these genres prevail over the rest.

And while some of the best thrillers of 2023 go to extremes - take "65," for example, which feels like an action movie for most of its duration - the majority of them treat the thriller genre with a dignity rarely seen in recent times.

The maestro of thrillers, David Fincher, returned to his favorite genre this year and created one of the best assassin movies the world has ever seen, but even that couldn't steal the spotlight from "Saltburn, " a top-notch old-school thriller with modern sensibilities.

If you thought the glory days of thrillers were long gone, these 10 wonderful films will change your mind. Just give them a chance!