10 Creepiest R-Rated Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked

10 Creepiest R-Rated Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though the main goal of horror movies is to scare the hell out of the audience, not every movie in the genre succeeds in doing so – most modern horror movies look funny and are only meant to entertain the audience, not scare them senseless, which is done to make them more successful at the box office.

But some directors stay true to the spirit of the genre, making movies so scary and creepy that the MPAA has no choice but to give them an R rating. Here are 10 of the best horror movies that don't pull any punches.

To really get under the skin of the audience, the director needs to have a perfect understanding of human psychology, and this is something that all the directors on this list have in common - even though Ari Aster and Zach Cregger work in very different ways with different goals in mind, their movies are specifically tailored to push your buttons and make you shudder with fear.

The movies mentioned above don't rely on jump scares to scare you - that's something only amateur directors will try. Instead, the directors in question create a terrifying atmosphere and tastefully enhance it with tons of gore, expertly curated music, and ingenious monster designs.

If you are not a fan of having nightmares after watching a movie, this list is probably best avoided. But if you enjoy testing the limits of your sanity, these 10 expertly crafted scary movies are sure to scratch that particular horror itch!