10 Direct-to-Video 90s Gems That Should Have Made It to the Big Screen

10 Direct-to-Video 90s Gems That Should Have Made It to the Big Screen
Image credit: Indican Pictures

While people love to sneer at B-movies and direct-to-video productions, calling them cheap trash unworthy of being shown in theaters alongside big-budget Hollywood productions, this sentiment is clearly damaging to the entire film industry.

The thing is, there are real experiments happening outside the watchful eye of producers, with directors making history with their small, unsupervised productions, trying not to make a buck but to make viewers happy. And sadly, most of these films did not even make it to the theaters.

Here's the list of underrated 90's direct-to-video movies:

The movies on this list perfectly encapsulate the vibes of the '90s. Unlike their more successful contemporaries, these B-movies were able to portray this iconic decade in an unapologetic way, showing grit, grime, and violence without worrying about the box office.

And while it's a shame that none of them were released in theaters, maybe it's for the better. All of them are extremely underrated, and that makes watching them all the more enjoyable - you feel like an explorer venturing into the unknown to discover a rare diamond that no one has seen before.

Yes, these underrated direct-to-video movies may be rough diamonds, but they are certainly worth watching.