10 Divisive Harry Potter Endings That Clearly Weren't Enough

10 Divisive Harry Potter Endings That Clearly Weren't Enough
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Without a shadow of a doubt, Warner Bros.' Harry Potter franchise will always be considered one of the best book adaptations out there, and even though J.K. Rowling purists still find plenty to complain about in the movies, ordinary people have no real complaints about the series.

However, there is still one big problem with Harry Potter - that there aren't more movies starring Daniel Radcliffe, as fans would have loved to know more about the future of some of the characters after the finale of the last movie.

Even though "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" ended on a fitting note, with Lord Voldemort being defeated and Harry and his friends moving on peacefully from that moment on, some fans were still a bit bummed about the finale.

Of course, we knew what Harry, Ron and Hermione were up to long after the events of the saga, as the epilogue showed us the grown-up friends sending their own children to Hogwarts, but we don't know anything about other characters from the franchise, some of whom were even more interesting than the main trio.

It's a shame that J.K. Rowling hasn't bothered to tell fans what happens to the supporting characters after the finale. Of course, the author has every right to end her story on her own terms, but a little more clarity would have done wonders for the fandom.

However, perhaps the main timeline of the franchise will have another addition sometime in the future, which will certainly confirm the fates of the characters that fans are currently discussing.