10 Dumbest Decisions Taken by the Harry Potter Characters

10 Dumbest Decisions Taken by the Harry Potter Characters
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Harry Potter is a magical series (pun absolutely intended). But in some moments, there are choices the character makes that leave us at a loss for words.

Not everyone can be a Ravenclaw, but some of the characters’ decisions over the course of the series have been questionable at the very least. Some of them are considered plot holes; others may be a way to make the characters look human and grant them a right to make mistakes.

Most of the weird choices fans still hate were made by Harry himself or Dumbledore, but even Hermione Granger, despite being the brightest witch in Hogwarts, made a fatal mistake once.

With far more of these decisions than we’d like to admit, here are 10 of the dumbest ones that will make your head turn.

Characters make bad decisions daily, much like people. Those within the world of Harry Potter are no exception. Each scenario provides us with a lesson to learn that will hopefully assist us in analyzing the situation around us as well as ourselves.

Besides, we have an all-new HBO reboot coming, and hopes are this one will be a book-accurate one. Even if it keeps some of the characters’ mistakes (after all, some of them were crucial to the story), it may prove to be a much bigger delight for book fans than the movies are.