10 Feel-Good Rom-Com K-Dramas You Can't Miss

10 Feel-Good Rom-Com K-Dramas You Can't Miss
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Need your fill of K-drama rom-coms? We have got you covered with these 10 must-watch series.

Ahh, romance and comedy blend together so beautifully, don’t they? There is just something about being filled with warm feelings while you have a hearty chuckle that just creates an amazing viewing experience.

Check out these 10 amazing rom-com K-dramas.

1. Business Proposal

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IMDB rating 8.1/10

In a show of true friendship, a girl poses as her boyfriend on a blind date to scare the guy away. The last thing she expected was that the man would turn out to be the CEO of the company she works for. What could have been a disaster and possible unemployment for the girl ends up being a wonderful opportunity when he makes her a proposal.

2. Mad for Each Other

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IMDB rating 7.9/10

This is an amazing example of two people meeting almost by accident. Not only are they neighbors, but they also find out they see the same psychiatrist. This story is hilarious, sweet, and heartfelt, with two wonderfully flawed leads that you just have to adore.

3. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

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IMDB rating 8.1/10

A beautiful and efficient personal assistant begins a relationship with her spoiled boss. He is young, narcissistic and lives off the money he inherited and did not earn. She, on the other hand, has worked hard all her life to get where she is. The complications of them trying to hide their relationship and then reveal it, all while discovering more about each other, makes for some brilliantly funny viewing.

4. My Love from the Star

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IMDB rating 8.2/10

This show is older, but brilliant. An alien has been living on Earth for over 400 years, keeping a wary distance from humanity to avoid discovery. And just when the time comes for him to return home, he meets a woman who changes everything. Will he stay? Will he leave? Absolutely a must-see.

5. Because This is My First Life

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IMDB rating 8.1/10

A successful young woman has everything going for her. A great job that she loves and a wonderful home. The only thing missing in her life is love. So when she has to move and needs a roommate, her friends help her out. And this roommate will change her life forever. Sweet, quirky and hilarious rom-com.

6. Love to Hate You

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IMDb rating 7.9/10

What happens when a successful actor who doesn't trust women and an attorney who can't handle losing to men are forced to date? You get one of the funniest rom-com K-dramas ever. This one will have you laughing from the start and not stopping until long after it ends.

7. Strong Girl Bong-soon

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IMDB rating 8.2/10

A young girl has super strength, passed down through generations of women in her family. Instead of embracing her power, she initially resents it. Her dream is to live a normal life and create a video game. But fate has something else in mind when the CEO of a game company sees her strength in action and hires her. Not to create a game, but to be his personal bodyguard.

8. Dali and the Cocky Prince

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IMDB rating 8.1/10

When a romantic comedy begins with a case of mistaken identity, you know you are in for some big laughs. That is how our leads in this show meet, a restaurateur sitting on a fortune and a researcher determined to save her family's museum after her father dies. The problem is that the restaurateur is owed a large sum of money by the failing museum. But will love help him learn that money is not everything?

9. I Am Not a Robot

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IMDB rating 8.0/10

Strange would be a good word to describe this drama. But if weird is your thing, then please go and watch it! A young man seems to have everything, money, success, but one thing is missing. Love and companionship. He is literally allergic to other people, breaking out in a rash whenever he has physical contact with anyone. Logically, he falls in love with a young woman who pretends to be a robot. This show is offbeat and quirky and full of laughs, as well as many sweet and tender moments.

10. Still 17

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IMDB rating 7.8/10

When a 30-year-old woman wakes up after 13 years in a coma, hilarity ensues. You see, she still thinks she is 17. As she navigates her new life with childlike wonder and confusion, true love is not far behind. Destiny, it seems, is patient.

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