10 Hidden Gems Starring Christian Bale You Probably Missed

10 Hidden Gems Starring Christian Bale You Probably Missed
Image credit: Miramax Films, Columbia Pictures

He may be best known for playing Batman, Patrick Bateman, and Dick Cheney, but Christian Bale's career actually hides a lot more interesting and expertly crafted performances that not many people even remember.

Despite being one of Hollywood's most popular A-listers for nearly two decades at this point, Bale has never been afraid to experiment with his project choices, often agreeing to smaller roles in films he liked without even considering the paycheck.

Here are 10 movies you forgot Christian Bale starred in:

It's important to remember that Bale started acting as a child, and he hasn't stopped working since late 1987, sometimes starring in two or three films a year. As a result, Bale's creative output is much greater than that of his leading man peers such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As you've probably noticed, there are a lot of forgotten and underrated films on this list, but all of them are of impeccable quality, at least in terms of Bale's performances.

The actor gave his all to even the smallest roles he agreed to take, and that made him one of the most respected performers in Hollywood. The movies on this list deserve to be seen and appreciated, especially if you consider yourself a Bale fan!