10 Highest-Rated Movies of 2024 to Stream on Netflix in April

10 Highest-Rated Movies of 2024 to Stream on Netflix in April
Image credit: Netflix

Even though it's obvious that the series format is much better suited to the streaming industry than the classic movie format, as binging on shows at home is much more enjoyable than watching the movie you probably should've gone to the theater to see on the big screen, Netflix continues to experiment with original movies.

That said, Netflix 's executives have been spending less and less money on movies over the past year or so, but that has only helped smaller productions get the hype they always deserve, with no big blockbusters to steal the spotlight. And it looks like this April could be one of the best months for movies on Netflix.

Here are the 10 highest-rated movies of 2024 to stream on Netflix in April:

As you can see, the long-awaited Millie Bobby Brown starrer "Damsel" turned out to be the least-great movie of April, which is not really a surprise considering that fans were quite skeptical after seeing the abysmally boring first trailer back in the day.

However, other Netflix movies proved to be pleasant surprises for the fandom, as the platform's decision to focus more on small indie productions with great performances and interesting storylines is something fans have been asking for at this point for years.