10 Iconic Directors Who Deserved an Oscar but Never Got One

10 Iconic Directors Who Deserved an Oscar but Never Got One
Image credit: Legion-Media

Talk about being robbed! The works of these directors are stellar, but somehow the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to never award them anything.

And we know that our list is no consolation prize, but just raise a glass (or a cup of cocoa) for these 10 filmmakers in acknowledgment of their talent.

Mostly, these creators were just unlucky: when their notable works graced the silver screens, there was some other movie that was simply more exciting and deserving of an award, at least in the eyes of the Academy.

Some of them were the pioneers of the specific technologies; others offered iconic scenes that were turned into memes and sources of inspiration for those who are creating the movies now.

Their visual styles are unique, their movie language is distinct, their understanding of translating the script onto the screen is life-changing.

What they make is art, though sometimes not especially commercially successful — and yet their movies stay in the hearts of the audience, become staples of the mass culture, and change lives. Oscars can rob them of an award but can't take away the legacy of these works and the adoration we feel for these directors.