10 Iconic Movies That Were Robbed of an Oscar Nomination

10 Iconic Movies That Were Robbed of an Oscar Nomination
Image credit: Legion-Media

The sheer audacity of ignoring The Breakfast Club completely…

Every year, the Oscars pick a bunch of movies to celebrate, but sometimes they miss out on the really good ones; it's like throwing a huge party and forgetting to invite some of your best friends.

Imagine all these amazing movies, from the gritty crime classic that catapulted Clint Eastwood to stardom, to the magical Disney adventures that have made kids and adults smile for ages, all getting left out in the cold without even a chance to shine on Oscar night; it's as if someone made a list of the coolest things ever and somehow forgot to include ice cream.

These overlooked movies aren't just any films, they're the ones that stick with you, the ones you want to watch over and over again, the ones that make you laugh, cry, think, and feel all the feels; yet, when it came time to hand out awards, it was like they were invisible.

So, this list is a shout-out to those iconic movies (and maybe a side-eye to the Academy, who knows), a way to remember and celebrate them, even if the Oscars didn't; because sometimes, the most unforgettable stories are the ones that didn't get a gold statue.