10 K-Dramas Like Business Proposal And Where to Stream Them

10 K-Dramas Like Business Proposal And Where to Stream Them
Image credit: SBS

Ready for some good old workplace romance?

While not all K-dramas are alike, and there are plenty of popular South Korean series that focus on sci-fi, horror, or other genres, romance still occupies a large portion of K-dramaland and a special place in the hearts of fans.

Romantic plots on South Korean television are varied, often spiced with magic, drama, or slice-of-life, and cover numerous sub-genres. Among them, workplace romances stand out and have an army of fans.

Shows in which love is born out of work or business relationships, such as Business Proposal, seem to never fail to captivate viewers and become global hits.

Are you a fan of workplace romance series?

If you're one of those who enjoyed Business Proposal's story of a boss and his employee's journey from working together to a contractual relationship to true love, and are now looking for something similar, we have ten suggestions that will be perfect for your evening of binge-viewing.

10. King the Land (2023, Netflix ) - An heir to a luxury hotel conglomerate and his company's employer clash over work issues, but quickly warm to each other.

9. Romance is a Bonus Book (2019, Netflix) - Childhood friends reconnect when she falls on hard times in life and he helps her get a job at his publishing company.

8. Where Stars Land (2018, Apple TV+, Kocowa+) - New employees at Incheon International Airport discover truths about themselves and each other as they fall in love.

7. Touch Your Heart (2019, Netflix, Prime Video ) - A scandal-plagued top actress has a chance to redeem herself by starring in an ambitious project. But in order to do so, she must gain some real-world experience at a law firm.

6. Pinocchio (2014, Prime Video, Kocowa+) - A victim of the news industry and a journalist who hiccups every time she tells a lie team up to bring down the system that made their lives a mess.

5. Memories of the Alhambra (2018, Netflix) - An investor in search of a mysterious AR game creator travels to Spain, where he meets a hostel owner and experiences some strange events.

4. Suspicious Partner (2017, Prime Video, Disney+, Kocowa+) - A prosecutor becomes a defendant when his trainee becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

3. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018, Hulu, Disney+) - When a high-powered secretary to the vice chairman of a major corporation decides to quit, he does everything he can to stop her.

2. The Doctors (2016, Prime Video) - A successful doctor reunites with the man who helped her turn her life around years ago.

1. Doom at Your Service (2021, Netflix, Prime Video) - A web novel editor dying of a terminal illness signs a contract with a supernatural being who wants to end the world.