10 Lighthearted Sitcom K-Dramas to Binge When Young Sheldon Ends

10 Lighthearted Sitcom K-Dramas to Binge When Young Sheldon Ends
Image credit: KBS2, CBS

The ‘Bazinga!’ factor is certainly there.

If there's one thing that helps most people unwind after a long day at work, it's a good sitcom. Fun and lighthearted, these types of shows make us fall in love with the characters without getting too stressed out by the drama. And then you always know there will be a happy ending no matter what happens.

For many people, Young Sheldon was such a comforting show. And even though it is still airing its final season on CBS, there are only so many weeks left before the finale. If you are already looking for a new show to get into, check out these 5 K-dramas that will make you feel the same warmth.

Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Everything goes wrong when the father of a wealthy family, Go Pyung-joong, is wrongly presumed dead and decides to go into hiding so that his family can use the insurance money to pay off all their debts. Instead, his wife takes the money and moves out, throwing his children from his first marriage onto the streets. Now they must all fight to survive.

Uncle (2022)

Based on the British sitcom of the same name, Uncle tells the story of a man who agrees to take care of his sister's son. In order to protect the boy, who suffers from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, Wang Jun-hyeok has to learn a lot about children, himself, and the whole new world that opens up before him.

My Husband Got a Family (2012)

One of the best things in Cha Yoon-hee's life was her marriage to an orphaned doctor. She has a perfect life without the stress of in-laws until he finds out that his real parents are her neighbors, with whom Yoon-hee has been arguing every day for a long time. Now she has to decide what she values more: her freedom or her husband.

What Happens to My Family? (2014-2015)

It is not an easy task to deal with three grown children who are all facing their first difficulties in life at the same time. However, this becomes completely impossible when you are left behind as a widower. Cha Soon-bong has to find a way to deal with his two sons and one daughter without forgetting about his own life and work.

My Only One (2019)

The whole show revolves around Kim Do-ran, who was taken in by her foster father when his childhood friend, her biological father, had to give her up for adoption. Now, many years later, when her foster father has died, Do-ran's real father is finally out of prison and ready to reconcile, but he has no way to connect with her.

Once Again (2020)

Although Young-dal and Ok-boon have been happily married for years and have given birth to four beautiful children, neither of them seems to have a successful love life. With the eldest two already divorced, the third struggling to save her marriage and the fourth trying her best to keep an internship, the poor parents are destined to live with their kids forever.

Smile, You (2009-2010)

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and you start to think that nothing will ever be the same again. When Seo Jung-in's family goes bankrupt, her future husband dumps her in the middle of the highway. It's only by chance that her family moves in with her ex-chauffeur Kang Man-bok and learns to adapt to a new life without money.

Our Gap Soon (2016)

Although there are main characters in this drama, they aren't the most exciting thing about it. The show manages to portray all kinds of marriages mixed in one plot. The viewer gets to see a happily married couple, a divorced couple, a remarried couple, and even the couple that rejects marriage and just lives together. This dynamic is what makes the show fun.

My Father is Strange (2017)

When a typical middle-class family from the outskirts of town receives a visit from a local celebrity who claims to be their son, no one believes their eyes. The truth is that the patriarch of the family has a dark past to hide, so he is forced to accept the man as his own son and do his best not to ruin what has been so carefully built over the years.

The Real Has Come (2023)

When an unmarried woman with a child, Yeon-Doo, meets a single, highly qualified obstetrician and gynecologist, Tae-kyung, they sign a contract and start a fake relationship. However, as it usually happens in K-dramas, fake relationships never stay fake for long and the couple gets involved in a rather complicated romance.