10 Must-See Gangster Movies That Scored Big at the Oscars

10 Must-See Gangster Movies That Scored Big at the Oscars
Image credit: Legion-Media

When it comes to movies that grab your attention and don't let go, gangster films are right up there at the top of the list, and it turns out the Oscars, that big fancy awards show, really likes them too.

From old classics that everyone knows like The Godfather to newer ones like The Irishman, these movies have gotten a lot of love from the Academy over the years.

They're the kind of films that pull you into a world of tough guys, big risks, and even bigger consequences, showing us the lives of people who live on the edge of the law and sometimes go over it; every scene, every line, and every look between characters is packed with tension and drama.

Even though the Oscars are usually all about dramas that tug at your heartstrings, they've made room for these gritty, action-packed stories too, giving out nominations and awards that put these gangster movies in the spotlight; it's like the Academy is saying that stories about loyalty, power, and betrayal are just as important as any tear-jerker.

So, as we get ready for this year's Oscars, where movies as different as Oppenheimer and Barbie are getting a lot of buzz, it's cool to look back at these gangster movies that made their mark; they remind us that sometimes the most unforgettable stories are the ones where the characters live by their own rules.

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