10 Must-Watch Spy Thrillers from the 2010s

10 Must-Watch Spy Thrillers from the 2010s
Image credit: 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.

The archetype of the spy is by far one of the most popular when it comes to Hollywood thrillers, as the allure and secretive nature of the profession makes heroes with this job open to all sorts of narrative developments and allows writers' imaginations to run wild.

And while the real job of a spy is actually much more boring and mundane than the movies would have us believe, which has become even more apparent in recent years as whistleblowers and ex-spies have shared their stories from the field in magazine articles and books, that hasn't stopped producers from continuing to make these people look invincible on screen.

Here are 10 must-see spy thrillers of the 2010s:

As you may have noticed, we decided to include only the most popular and influential spy thrillers on this list, even if their stories aren't the least bit believable. After all, Hollywood is here to provide us with entertainment, not actual facts about the work of spy agencies and their operatives, right?

We didn't limit ourselves to dramas either, we also included comedic thrillers in the mix! This ranking could serve as a bucket list for any fan of the genre, as it's simply impossible to continue watching new spy movies without checking out these projects, so influential to the genre they are.