10 Old-School Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted Our 2024

10 Old-School Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted Our 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

While we love sci-fi movies for their world-building, outlandish plots, and great CGI, we can't overlook one of their most important characteristics - forward thinking. For a sci-fi movie to work, it has to surprise its audience with a unique vision of the future, with bizarre inventions and colorful depictions of life on Earth years or even decades in the future.

Obviously, most fans treat such predictions as nothing more than a simple world-building device, not even thinking about seeing fantastic inventions with their own eyes in the future. However, some sci-fi movies have actually managed to surprise their audiences by accurately predicting a future that we all live in now.

Here are 10 old-school sci-fi movies that actually predicted the future:

Of course, some fans might think that all of these things are so obvious that there's no point in predicting them. But back then, people couldn't even dream about earbuds or AI, and the fact that the screenwriters not only thought about them, but realistically included them in the movie's narratives is actually quite commendable.

In that sense, the older generations were actually well prepared for our current reality by watching the movies on this list, so it's quite strange that some of the older people are still struggling to believe in global warming and global pandemics.