10 Oscar-Winning Movies That Feel Borderline Problematic in 2024

10 Oscar-Winning Movies That Feel Borderline Problematic in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

The Oscars ceremony is a product of its time, and the winners of the award reflect the era perfectly.

But some of them didn't age well, and now don't feel as relevant and praise-worthy as they were back then. We can certainly say that about these 10 winners.

Times have changed, and our perception of what is appropriate and what isn't changed with them. Things that were shrugged off in the past cannot be excused now, but these works of fiction are based on the norms of the times when they were made.

The proper way to enjoy these movies is by prefacing them with a little note that says that these movies do not reflect the current tendencies and have been created in a different time under different circumstances.

The more recent movies in this list tend to suffer from the same problem, as they decided to portray the events of the past with the cultural context of that past without excuses. While this dedication is commendable, it feels unneeded, especially now.

And honestly, in hindsight it makes us think that some of the movies that fought for the Best Picture award alongside these winners deserved it much more.