10 Procedurals That Do Police Drama Even Better Than Blue Bloods

10 Procedurals That Do Police Drama Even Better Than Blue Bloods
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Came for the mystery, stayed for the drama.

There is no doubt that a good police procedural series cannot only focus on the crime-solving part. Even though that is very interesting when done right, there is always a certain amount of curiosity to find out more about the private lives of the detectives. So when the show is good at writing both, it hits just the right spot for the audience.

Luckily, the genre is so popular, and so many networks have tried to find the perfect balance between the professional and personal lives of the characters, that there is no shortage of content to choose from.

Whether you like your shows to last decades or prefer them to be quick and to the point, whether you want them to be over or don't mind the ongoing storyline, here are 10 police procedurals to choose from if you've already memorized every line of Blue Bloods.

The Rookie ( 2018-…)

As much as we all enjoy watching cops successfully solve crimes, there is something charming about watching someone struggle to find their place in a new environment. John Nolan, a 45-year-old rookie at the LAPD station, wants to start his life over, and he chooses one of the toughest jobs to get a fresh start.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ( 1999-...)

While all of the shows in the Law & Order extended universe deserve a shoutout for their quality, it's the Special Victims Unit that gets the most praise. And for good reason! The show manages to portray the most sensitive cases of sexual assault and harassment in the most thoughtful and authentic way.

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NCIS ( 2003-...)

Another show that has spawned many spin-offs and millions of fans around the world. There are many shows based on different groups within the Special Forces, but for some reason, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service caught all of our attention. Communication is key, and the relationships within this team are truly special.

Chicago P.D. (2014-...)

One of three shows set in NBC's fictionalized Chicago, the show is an integral part of the One Chicago universe. As the title suggests, Chicago P.D. is a classic procedural that focuses on the day-to-day struggles in the professional and personal lives of the police officers who keep law and order in the big city.

Criminal Minds ( 2005-...)

Criminal Minds, a show that focuses on the work of the FBI's top criminal profilers, has had its ups and downs, but it has never really disappointed fans enough to make them drop it altogether. Considering all the years it has been on the air, that is an impressive enough accomplishment to give the show a chance.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2015)

If the previous team focused more on the behavioral patterns of the criminals, this group of people is all about hard evidence from the crime scene. Set in Las Vegas, CSI follows a team of crime scene investigators. As you can imagine, the show gets pretty graphic about all the details of the crime scenes, so if you find that disturbing, it may not be the best choice.

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Quantico (2015-2018)

Starring Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, an FBI rookie with a special talent for solving crimes who gets into trouble and becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack, Quantico focuses on two timelines. While the happy past shows her first steps as an agent, the troubled present presents the challenge of proving her innocence while on the run.

Castle (2009-2016)

What happens when you take a bored mystery writer who can write any crime off the top of his head and put him on a team with a real detective? This might be one of the most entertaining concepts out there, showing how well different approaches can mesh, and how eye-opening a different perspective can be.

The Mentalist (2008-2015)

Psychological genius and great manipulator Patrick Jane, who lost his wife and daughter to serial killer Red John, joins forces with the California Bureau of Investigation to find him. In the process, however, both parties find far more joy in working together than expected, and Jane becomes a solid part of the team.

Candice Renoir (2013-…)

A French procedural set in a Mediterranean suburb tells the story of Candice Renoir, who returns to work as a police investigator after a ten-year leave of absence. Although she has to prove herself and hone her skills back to what they once were, Candice proves to everyone that once you are a good cop, you never change.