10 Scariest Animated Disney Movies That Left Us Traumatized, Ranked

10 Scariest Animated Disney Movies That Left Us Traumatized, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

Although Disney animation is best known for its family-friendly stories and cozy atmosphere, many of the studio's projects can actually be described as creepy or even scary.

While Disney has never actually produced cartoons aimed at adult audiences, some of the elements of their supposedly kid-friendly titles can totally scare the hell out of kids.

Here's a ranking of Disney's scariest animated movies:

Seeing the Tim Burton movies on this list should come as no surprise to anyone - the director has always been known for weaving adult themes into his PG-rated films, and even the Disney producers couldn't do anything to change or soften his trademark style.

Of course, Burton's animated films still possess Disney's feel-good morality, and despite some of the scary moments they contain, they are perfectly safe for children of all ages.

The same can't be said for The Black Cauldron, the studio's most scary and disturbing movie. Despite featuring a child protagonist, the film contained so many grotesque images that young viewers had nightmares after seeing it in theaters.

That said, Disney's acceptance of darker themes in their animated films is quite commendable, as it really pushed the industry forward in terms of content and produced a whole bunch of great, if somewhat scary, films that were interesting to both children and their parents.

Here are all the films mentioned: The Great Mouse Detective (1986), Frankenweenie (2012), Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo (1941), Fantasia, Pinocchio, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Black Cauldron (1985).