10 Songs That '90s Movies Made Iconic

10 Songs That '90s Movies Made Iconic
Image credit: Legion-Media

Don't underestimate the power of the very fitting soundtrack.

The song can sell the movie, take permanent residence in your mind, and remind you about the good old days years later, and bring memories of the wondrously nostalgic cinematic experience just as you hear a bit of a familiar jingle somewhere on the street.

This list is for the 90s kids and their playlists.

Huge props to the licensing department and sound designers of these movies, because these tracks fit the mood tremendously. These songs skyrocketed in the music charts after the release of the movie and helped make the movies themselves a financial success — but more importantly, they build bridges between the images and the sounds in our memories.

It's easier to blast some Celine Dion from the speakers than to put on "Titanic " and experience the catastrophic drama merged with the love story for the 15th time.

At least it's safer for our hearts. But now you have a playlist for a karaoke night with friends — or a carpool. There is something refreshing in shouting "Can you feel the love tonight?" at the top of your lungs in a car. Even if you don't know the whole lyrics.