10 Teen Comedies of the 2000s That Went From Cringe to Classic

10 Teen Comedies of the 2000s That Went From Cringe to Classic
Image credit: Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures

While the most popular genre in the 90's was undoubtedly the high school drama, which attempted to portray teenage life with relative realism, the 2000's became home to a much more controversial, but no less inspiring genre - the teen comedy.

Clearly influenced by the movies of the '90s, these stories of wacky and unruly teenagers doing whatever they want felt more controversial and dangerous, which appealed to young audiences but was hated by older generations of moviegoers.

Here are 10 teen comedies of the 2000s that went from cringe-worthy to classic:

Yes, cringe is the best word to describe the nature of the aforementioned movies, as their silly humor and incredibly cheesy characters made viewers cringe time and time again. However, even though these movies were treated as a nuisance when they first came out, the tide quickly turned, and now, in 2024, they are all considered true classics of the comedy genre.

Unfortunately, it seems that Hollywood producers are no longer interested in making similar movies, preferring to stick to blockbusters and romcoms, which is certainly a bummer for all fans of cringe-worthy teen comedies.

Luckily, we still have the aforementioned movies, and revisiting them from time to time will surely help you get your teen mojo back.