10 Terrifying Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Dear David

10 Terrifying Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Dear David
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The movie inspired by the viral tweets has some skeletons in its closet.

Dear David is another film inspired by a Twitter post, specifically the viral Twitter thread by Adam Ellis known as Dear David. The thread documents Adam's experience of what he believes to be a haunting by the spirit of a child named David.

The thread and the film itself have sparked much online discussion and debate, but here are some interesting and frankly terrifying behind-the-scenes facts that may prove the story is as haunted as Ellis originally believed:

  1. Lead actor Augustus Prew chose to play Adam in the movie because he believes that he has also been haunted many times in his life.

  2. Frequently, and usually while Prew was there alone, the lights in the hair and makeup trailers would suddenly shut off for no reason.

  3. The green rocking chair, which is a prominent focus in both the movie and the real story, was often seen moving on its own.

  4. The rocking chair was also spotted on multiple occasions having an indentation in the seat cushion as if someone or had been sitting on it, even though it was usually when the set was empty or closed.

  5. The real Adam Ellis makes a cameo appearance in the movie, and during his time on the set, he reportedly often felt a haunting presence near him.

  6. The cats portraying Ellis often acted strangely on the set, much like the real cats of the story reacted to the midnight apartment hauntings.

  7. Many of the crew reported seeing similar childlike outlines around the set while filming - suggesting that David himself may have been watching over the making of the film.

  8. Despite the house used for filming being empty, and frequently checked by security and crew, there were people found hiding and living in the attic mid-production. No one knows how they got in or how long they’d been hiding there.

  9. The actor hired to portray an adult version of the Dear David child was often seen on set in full demonic make-up, practising contortion tricks for the movie - his presence deeply frightened many of the cast and crew.

  10. The end of the film depicts the apartment catching fire, and despite the use of special effects equipment, the entire set actually caught fire and burned down. Everyone was safe as there were professionals on hand throughout, but the crew reported that it was a strange accident that couldn't be fully explained.

So although the Twitter thread itself has been scrutinised by many online investigators, such as Reddit user Phaylen, and the film has received a lot of bad press, it seems that the paranormal sightings and experiences have followed the story from the beginning right through to the production of the film. What do you think about the paranormal phenomenon of Dear David?

Source: Reddit.

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