10 Underrated '80s Family Classics That Still Hold Up in 2024

10 Underrated '80s Family Classics That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Buena Vista, Tri-Star Pictures

Have you ever wondered where family movies went? These days, families tend to go to cartoons and such, with the busy family-friendly epics being completely replaced by the cheap thrills of the MCU and the occasional Disney production. It seems that original stories are just not valued enough in Hollywood these days, and it's heartbreaking.

Luckily, we still have a bunch of older movies to feast our eyes on, and most of them were produced in the coziest decade in recent U.S. history - the 1980s. It's no wonder that popular shows like Stranger Things are set during this decade, as life was peaceful and happy back then, and family movies captured that mood perfectly.

Here are 10 underrated '80s family classics that still hold up in 2024:

Despite the cozy and comforting nature of the movies on this list, modern audiences don't really pay much attention to them, preferring to stick with modern commercialized family movies that don't really have a soul like their predecessors.

Because of the different approach to Hollywood filmmaking back then, these movies look and feel a bit strange, which only makes them more original and sincere, as their directors were really trying to impress the viewers, instead of just trying to make more money like today.