10 Underrated Netflix Original Thrillers That Are Secretly Masterpieces

10 Underrated Netflix Original Thrillers That Are Secretly Masterpieces
Image credit: Netflix

While Netflix's producers spend most of their money and energy creating possible Oscar contenders and shows with the potential to become international hits, some attention is also being paid to genre cinema, as the streaming giant has become one of the biggest producers of old-school thrillers over the past decade.

Netflix 's practice of inviting insanely talented indie filmmakers to make movies for them is certainly one of the keys to the streaming platform's success, and that notion is best proven by the acclaimed thrillers Netflix has produced.

Here are 10 underrated Netflix original thrillers:

The movies on this list are very different from each other, with political, domestic, and social themes vying for the viewer's attention. A good thriller is a difficult thing to master, and the decision by Netflix's producers to allow their directors to be creative certainly helps the above films.

Unfortunately, these great modern thrillers were largely overshadowed by Netflix's other projects, be they Oscar-nominated dramas or blockbusters that the streaming giant keeps pouring money into.

Perhaps Netflix should pay more attention to the quality of their films and produce more titles like the ones mentioned above, but spend more money on marketing them instead of churning out another boring action movie that nobody remembers after watching it.