10 Underrated Rom-Coms Released in the Past 5 Years, Ranked

10 Underrated Rom-Coms Released in the Past 5 Years, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's no secret that a lot has changed in Hollywood over the last decade or so, with some genres, like comedy or romance, practically disappearing from theaters as blockbusters and superhero movies have basically taken their place at the box office.

However, quality romances are still being released, albeit in much smaller quantities than before.

The past five years have proven that romance creators are well aware of the shift in audience interests, producing much more thoughtful and contemporary projects than the romances of the 2000s.

LGBTQ+ romances have recently become the norm, and the box office success of films like "Bros" and "Happiest Season" proved that fans are embracing this tonal shift in the long-standing film genre.

And even the movies with more classic lead pairings are trying to impress fans with something new, moving further away from bittersweet happy endings and tired will-they-won't-they storylines.

All in all, romance has become more of an indie genre in the last five years, with most films premiering at film festivals and receiving rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Perhaps in the next five years, romance will once again become a dominant genre at the box office, as people have become increasingly tired of Marvel movies and huge blockbusters in the last year alone.