10 Underrated Westerns From the 2010s Streaming Now on Prime, Hulu & More

10 Underrated Westerns From the 2010s Streaming Now on Prime, Hulu & More
Image credit: The Weinstein Company, Roadshow Films

It's a common sentiment in 2024 to hear that the glory days of the Western genre are long gone, and that most of today's movies featuring tough men in white and black Stetsons are of inferior quality.

And while this sentiment is true in some respects, it doesn't mean that there aren't any good Westerns being produced today. On the contrary, as the Western genre has been pushed underground by the major Hollywood studios, indie directors have finally been given the chance to update the tired formula and come up with numerous ways to make Westerns interesting again.

Here are 10 underrated westerns of the 2010s:

Yes, most of the movies on this list are hardcore indies with tiny budgets and huge creative ambitions. However, as you've probably noticed, there are a lot of big Hollywood stars in them, which can only be explained in one way - folks like Robert Pattinson and Michael Fassbender were actually invested in making their westerns as good as possible, signing on to star not for the paychecks, but for the chance to redeem the western's status as an iconic genre.

Sadly, none of the westerns on this list managed to become blockbusters, but they were instantly recognized by fans of the genre, who quickly turned them into cult favorites.

If you want to prove to yourself that westerns are not boring, then look no further than the movies listed above!