10 Wealthy Life TV Shows If You Love Old Money

10 Wealthy Life TV Shows If You Love Old Money
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The best way to escape reality is to dive into someone else's.

How often have you thought about how unfair your life is and how you should have been born into a wealthy aristocratic family in a different era? Well, we know we do at least once a day. Anyway, apparently the universe knows best and you're exactly where you should be, but that doesn't make you any less curious about how to live a luxurious life.

For that matter, the television industry has created many different shows about rich people living in different times and getting wealthy in different circumstances. Here we have ten of the best shows that depict the lives of these lucky ones.

1. Succession

One of the greatest examples of series that show the lives of elite members of society. The Roy family is at the center of the show as it revolves around their struggles to rule the media empire they created long ago.

Fans of the show love the dark tone of the drama and all the big picture shenanigans that come with power. There are many examples of dysfunctional families on television, but the problems of the old money families are much more entertaining.

2. Gossip Girl

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"Welcome to the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite," says Gossip Girl's narrator at the beginning of each episode. The dramatic show revolves around the lives of a group of privileged high school students who maintain questionable lifestyles, mostly because everything is a joke to them and can be bought with their parents' money.

The show is captivating as each episode is full of evil plotting just for the sake of it. There's hardly a character in the show who hasn't done some sort of backstabbing.

3. Downton Abbey

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If you want to learn about how aristocratic English families lived more than a hundred years ago – tune in to Downton Abbey and you will definitely become a fan. It's a classic show that focuses on the lives of the wealthy Crawley family and their servants in England.

Once you start watching the show, you just can't get enough of it, due to all the elegance in almost every matter that the characters bring to the picture. The dramatic nature of the show is also quite intense, so it's an intriguing and captivating watch.

4. The Crown

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The best series for fans of all things royal. The Crown is Netflix 's hit series that has received worldwide praise and became a fan favorite after the first season was released. Focusing on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the series lets you in on the deepest secrets of the royal family with all the scandals, betrayals, and most disturbing things that happened to the members of the royal family during the many years of the Queen's reign.

5. Billions

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Billions is a masterpiece that focuses on all the wrong things people do when trying to get rich. The show is built around the complex dynamic of two male leads, portrayed by Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, one of whom is a hedge fund manager who is definitely making his huge sums of money illegally, and the other is the lawyer who is trying to prove it and make him face the charges. The drama is gripping and is a realistic portrayal of the complicated life on Wall Street.

6. Revenge

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Revenge is in some way an example of a real over-the-top drama, but that doesn’t make the series less entertaining, especially because we have Emily VanCamp and Victoria Grayson as leading stars of the show. VanCamp plays the part of Emily Thorne, a young woman who is plotting a revenge plan against the wealthy family that framed her father for murder and made her life miserable.

Each episode of the series features elite mansions, extraordinary wardrobes and the most lavish parties, making the show a veritable parade of the rich.

7. Dynasty

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Another rich family drama that focuses on the power struggles of the Carrington family as they try to maintain their high-society lifestyle. With iconic characters like Blake Carrington and Alexis Colby, the series offers viewers a tantalizing glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the rich and powerful. With its impeccable fashion, epic catfights, and twisting storylines, Dynasty remains a beloved classic for fans of rich and beautiful television.

8. Bridgerton

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The best way for women to show off their wealthy lifestyle is through the most gorgeous multilayered gowns and the most extravagant jewelry. And Bridgerton's female characters were the best at this silent game of rules. Set in Regency-era London, the show is a perfect example of how society at the time was divided by the amount of money each family had. As the genre suggests, there are plenty of dramatic scenes, romantic escapades, and betrayals of all kinds.

9. Élite

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Élite is a Spanish take on the lives of spoiled students that has become one of the most popular shows in the world. The show focuses on members of a prestigious private school whose lives become more and more complicated after a series of murders and disappearances. There are many viewers who think poorly of the show because of its twisted storylines, but it still offers an excellent portrayal of the affluent lives of young people.

10. Empire

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The series focuses on the drama that comes with owning a huge music company. Empire Entertainment is a hip-hop music corporation run by the very dysfunctional Lyon family. The story of the show is quite typical and simple, even a little soapy, but the portrayal of the rich life is so great that you forgive them everything. And the spectacular performances of the cast make the show a must-see.