10 Western TV Shows That Hold Up Better Than Yellowstone in 2024

10 Western TV Shows That Hold Up Better Than Yellowstone in 2024
Image credit: Netflix

Considering all the behind-the-scenes drama, 'Yellowstone' is all but done at this point; here are some worthy alternatives.

In the world of Western TV shows, where 'Yellowstone ' stands tall like a modern-day monument to cowboy drama, there are 10 series riding somewhat under the radar, deserving a tip of the hat, especially in light of Taylor Sheridan 's latest remarks.

These shows, each with their own flavor of dust, drama, and the untamed spirit of the West, manage to hold their ground and, in some ways, outshine 'Yellowstone' in the 2024 lineup, showcasing storytelling that's as rugged and raw as the landscapes they're set in.

They're the kind of series that don't just rely on the allure of wide-open spaces and cowboy hats; instead, they dig deep into the human condition, much like a prospector panning for gold, uncovering stories of loyalty, betrayal, and survival that resonate with a timeless quality.

While 'Yellowstone' might be the show everyone's talking about, these ten contenders prove that there's more than one way to tell a captivating Western tale, each bringing to the table a unique perspective that not only competes with Sheridan's masterpiece but in some aspects, might even deserve a little more time in the spotlight.