10 Years Later, Pattinson Still Doesn't Understand That Twilight Craze

10 Years Later, Pattinson Still Doesn't Understand That Twilight Craze
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Although the Twilight franchise has become a global phenomenon with millions of fans worldwide, star Robert Pattinson still seems to have a low opinion of the Twilight novel series after all these years.

The Twilight Saga ended 10 years ago with Breaking Dawn - Part 2, which was released in November 2012.

The franchise, based on the novels by American author Stephenie Meyer, revolves around the love story between teenager Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen.

Over the years, Twilight has attracted millions of fans who have closely followed the development of Bella and Edward's romantic relationship, forming numerous fan groups and making the franchise extremely successful. However, when the first installment was in the early stages of production, no one expected such success.

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Robert Pattinson, the actor who portrayed Edward Cullen, revealed to Variety that taking part in the film was a risky decision for him at the time.

The actor said that neither the director nor the main cast were very popular and well known to the general public at the time Twilight was being filmed. So there was a chance that the movie would never get off the ground.

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This was probably the only reason why Pattinson, who is known for his risk-taking when choosing a movie to star in, pursued the role of the glowing vampire Edward Cullen.

How else would you explain all the criticism of the Twilight novels and movies that Pattinson occasionally voices?

Of course, the actor has never openly said that the series is bad. He just repeatedly called it "weird" in various interviews. For example, in an interview with Jennifer Lopez for Variety's Actors on Actors series, the actor expressed his confusion about the enormous success of Twilight and the overall concept of the novel series. Pattinson apparently finds the love story between a human and a vampire "weird" and lacking in conflict.

"Twilight is about this guy, and he finds the one girl that he wants to be with, and he also wants to eat her. I mean, not eat her, but drink her blood or whatever. It's not that other people are telling them they can't be together, it's his own body telling him that," the actor said.

Earlier, in an interview with E! Pattinson admitted that the books looked more like an author's sexual fantasy or a sex dream than best-selling novels.

He even went so far as to call Stephenie Meyer "crazy" for falling in love with her own fictional character.