10 Zombie Shows With The Walking Dead Vibe to Stream on Netflix, Prime & Hulu

10 Zombie Shows With The Walking Dead Vibe to Stream on Netflix, Prime & Hulu
Image credit: AMC, The CW

Warning: you might find yourself craving some brains after watching these TV shows.

Are you still reeling from the intense drama and undead thrills of The Walking Dead? Well, the end of one show doesn't mean the end of your zombie adventures.

Yes, The Walking Dead spawned a bunch of spinoffs, but if you are into something new with the same kind of vibe, there are actually many decent zombie shows out there to stream, and here are the best of them.

Brand New Cherry Flavor — Netflix

This Netflix gem isn't a typical zombie flick. Brand New Cherry Flavor blends horror with surreal drama, set in the early '90s LA. The story follows a budding filmmaker who finds herself entangled in a creepy, supernatural world.

It's a wild ride with vengeful spirits and unsettling zombie-like creatures, giving off a darker and more mystical vibe than The Walking Dead. Perfect for those who love their horror with a twist of the bizarre.

Day of the Dead — Hulu

Day of the Dead is an homage to George A. Romero's classic, but with a modern twist. Available on Hulu, this series is a gore-fest that'll satisfy traditional zombie show fans.

It's set in a small town that becomes the epicenter of a zombie outbreak. With its blend of horror, action, and a bit of humor, it feels closer to the original Walking Dead spirit but with fresher faces and new storylines.

Daybreak — Netflix

Imagine a post-apocalyptic high school drama mixed with zombies, and you get Daybreak. This Netflix series is a lighter, more humorous take on the zombie genre. It's set in a world where adults have turned into zombie-like creatures, and the kids are running the show.

It's a fun, adventurous watch for those who like their apocalypse with a side of comedy.

Ash Vs Evil Dead — Prime Video and Hulu

If you're into a blend of horror, comedy, and good old zombie action, Ash Vs Evil Dead is a must-watch. This series, a continuation of the Evil Dead franchise, stars Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding, wise-cracking hero.

Ash, who has been avoiding his past for decades, must face his demons — both metaphorical and literal — when a Deadite plague threatens humanity. The show is a riot of hilarious one-liners, over-the-top gore, and quirky horror elements, making it a standout in the zombie genre.

iZombie — Netflix

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead but want a twist, iZombie is your go-to show on Netflix. It's a quirky blend of zombie lore and detective drama, where the protagonist, Liv, turns into a zombie but retains her humanity.

It's a lighter, more humorous take on the zombie genre, perfect for those who want a mix of horror, comedy, and mystery.

Black Summer — Netflix

Black Summer is a must-watch for those seeking a more intense, raw zombie experience. Available on Netflix, this series throws you into the chaos of the early days of a zombie apocalypse.

The story is gripping, with a focus on survival and the tough choices people make. It's known for its fast-paced action, minimal dialogue, and an atmosphere filled with tension and uncertainty. If you're after a gritty, no-frills zombie saga, Black Summer delivers.

Santa Clarita Diet — Netflix

Looking for a lighter, more comedic take on the zombie genre? Santa Clarita Diet is the one. Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, this show revolves around a suburban realtor, Sheila, who turns into a zombie and starts craving human flesh.

Unlike traditional zombie shows, this one focuses on how Sheila and her family adapt to her new lifestyle, juggling everyday life with her unusual dietary needs.

The series is filled with witty humor, quirky situations, and a surprisingly heartwarming portrayal of family and marriage. It's a refreshing and humorous detour from the usual bleak zombie narratives.

Kingdom — Netflix

This South Korean TV series combines historical drama with the undead. Set in medieval Korea, this series is a visually stunning masterpiece that offers a fresh take on zombie lore. The plot revolves around a mysterious plague and political intrigue in the royal court.

It stands out for its breathtaking cinematography and a blend of horror with period drama. Kingdom is perfect for those who enjoy a historical backdrop with their zombie action.

Helix — Hulu

For those who prefer a more scientific twist to their zombie stories, Helix is a great pick. This series, set in a high-tech research facility in the Arctic, starts with a team of scientists investigating a potential disease outbreak. It quickly evolves into a chilling story of survival against a virus that turns people into something terrifying.

Helix combines elements of suspense, mystery, and bio-horror, offering a compelling narrative. The isolated Arctic setting adds creepiness and urgency to the unfolding pandemic scenario.

The Last Of Us — Netflix

Based on the critically acclaimed video game, The Last Of Us takes you on a gripping journey in a post-apocalyptic world. The series focuses on Joel and Ellie, two survivors who traverse the ravaged United States, encountering both the infected and the remnants of humanity.

The show expertly balances heart-wrenching drama with intense action, making it more than just a typical zombie story.