100%-Rated Texas Comedy Thriller Everyone Missed Is Your New Prime Video Must-Watch

100%-Rated Texas Comedy Thriller Everyone Missed Is Your New Prime Video Must-Watch
Image credit: Brainstorm Media

You definitely missed it, but now it’s time to catch up.

What can serve a viewer better than a perfectly worked out mix of genres in one movie? So the fans of, for example, a bizarre comedy and a crime thriller could enjoy it together, right? Well, these exact genres get mixed together in a new movie that most certainly flew under your radar, but is a must-watch!

The movie we are talking about is called LaRoy, Texas, and as you can tell from the name, this is exactly where everything takes place. The movie was released in April of this year, but still hasn't made it to the masses.

Directed and written by Shane Atkinson, it's one of the best dark comedy thrillers in years, about a small town plagued by vigilantes, beauty queens, and murder. At the center of the movie is a rather surreal story that actually begins with a gripping image of a killer aiming at his target and killing in cold blood.

What Is LaRoy, Texas About?

The role of the killer is played by none other than creepy Dylan Baker, whose character named Harry, after successfully finishing one job, is ready for another, exactly in LaRoy. But a misunderstanding happens when a desperate man who wanted to commit suicide because of his wife’s infidelity is mistaken for Harry the hitman, only because he hold a gun.

When he arrives in town, he realizes that his job has already been done and is so pissed off that he actually teams up with a so-called detective named Skip to investigate. A few words about Skip: played by the amazing Steve Zahn, Skip steals every scene he is in and turns this sad, dark, murderous drama into a sunshiny comedy.

Those few people who already managed to binge the 100%-rated twisty movie say it’s an amazing watch with an engaging story and perfect cast.

“Shane Atkinson, making his directorial debut, has a good eye and ear for both comedy and violence and handles the balance of tones quite well. The cast is also great here making shrewd use of John Magaro as the meek main character Ray, utilizing the comedic charm of Steve Zahn perfectly as Skip, and Dylan Baker is hilariously menacing as the hitman hunting Ray down,” Redditor StraightEdgeMeans said.

LaRoy, Texas is available to stream on Prime Video, so don't miss your chance to laugh, cringe, and shake with fear all at the same time while you watch a movie.