11 Hidden Western Gems from the 70s You Missed but Shouldn't Have

11 Hidden Western Gems from the 70s You Missed but Shouldn't Have
Image credit: United Artists Europa, Universal Studios

Though the Western dominated the film industry in the last century, it's prominence has waned in the last two decades as new generations of moviegoers have grown tired of seeing cowboys and outlaws on the big screen and have labeled the Western as an outdated and trite genre. But even if the new Westerns leave a lot to be desired, the fact that older movies about the Old West are hated these days is, to put it bluntly, unfair.

Of all the decades in cinema history, the 1970s was arguably the golden era of the genre, when the trite banalities of the previous decades finally gave way to progress, resulting in a whole slew of unique Westerns being released months and sometimes just weeks after each other.

Here are 11 hidden Western gems from the '70s that you missed:

As you can see from the stills above, the Western underwent quite a transformation in the 1970s, with characters looking more realistic than ever before, usually covered in mud and blood, which made the films themselves look more controversial and interesting.

And while not many people have actually seen any of the films on this list, they deserve to be rediscovered by modern audiences, as their original vibes and unique, stylish approach to the genre will make even the most ardent haters of the Western change their minds.