12 Ridiculous Box Office Flops That Cost Way Too Much To Make

12 Ridiculous Box Office Flops That Cost Way Too Much To Make
Image credit: Legion-Media

Ill-conceived "Cats" and the whole bunch of DCEU movies (feels like Warner Bros. just can't get it right).

In the wild world of movie making, where big budgets are usually seen as a one-way ticket to box office glory, these 12 films stand as yet another proof that throwing stacks of cash at a project doesn't always mean you'll strike gold.

They're the kind of movies that had everything going for them on paper – the kind of budgets that could fund a small country, star-studded casts, and plots that aimed for the stars – but somehow, they ended up crashing back down to Earth with a thud that echoed through Hollywood.

It's not just the superhero genre that's guilty of this; we're talking a whole range of ambitious projects, from sci-fi epics to historical dramas, each one a bet that seemed sure at the time but ended up as a lesson in cinematic humility.

These films are like those overly ambitious science projects in school that end up exploding in the lab – they had the vision, the hype, and the jaw-dropping price tags, but when the smoke cleared, all that was left was a mess of what-could-have-been and some seriously red-faced execs wondering where it all went wrong.