15 Best Western TV Shows to Stream in March on Netflix, Prime & More

15 Best Western TV Shows to Stream in March on Netflix, Prime & More
Image credit: Netflix

No Yellowstone on this list because, come on – everyone and their uncle has already seen that.

March is the perfect month to find new Western TV shows on Netflix, Prime, and other streaming platforms, especially when we're all waiting to see what happens next in the drama between Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner, not to mention the big finale of Yellowstone season five; but it's important to remember that Yellowstone, while a standout show, isn't the only Western series worth watching.

Other streaming services have a bunch of Western shows that might not get as much buzz but are definitely worth your time.

These series take you back to the landscapes of the Old West, with stories of outlaws, lawmen, and settlers facing off against each other; even though they may not be as hyped and popular, every episode of these lesser-known shows is a chance to dive into exciting stories of bravery, betrayal, and the quest for justice on the frontier.

So, while we're all eager to see how the saga of Yellowstone unfolds, let's not overlook the opportunity to discover new favorites among the many other Western series available to stream; who knows, among them might just be the next show to capture our imaginations and take us on a wild ride through the untamed landscapes of the American West.