15 Disney Animated Movies Time Forgot (And So Did Everyone Else)

15 Disney Animated Movies Time Forgot (And So Did Everyone Else)
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the more than a century since its founding, Disney Studios has produced dozens of iconic animated films, influencing generations of fans and directors and cementing its status as the greatest animation studio of all time.

That said, the number of iconic films that Disney has produced is easily matched by the sheer amount of films that hardly anyone remembers, let alone revisits. Fame is a hard mistress to please, and the studio hasn't always been successful at marketing its films to the public.

Here are 15 Disney animated films that no one remembers:

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of box office bombs on this list, some of which have seriously undermined Disney's prestige as a major player in animation.

However, by including these movies on this list, we are in no way suggesting that they are bad. On the contrary, every single movie on this list is extremely underrated and deserves to be seen again.

Perhaps Disney's marketing department simply failed to promote the films properly, sending them into oblivion despite their exceptional quality and potential to reach the heights of "The Lion King " and "The Little Mermaid".

Not every movie is destined to be a worldwide hit, but Disney certainly did their best to make their movies as good as possible, even if the box office results did not always prove it.