15 Films That Prove the 80s Were the Golden Era of Teen Movies

15 Films That Prove the 80s Were the Golden Era of Teen Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 80s were filled with movies centering around young adults and their stories of growing up and finding themselves.

And trust us, the teenagers of that era were going through the same development as our Gen Z does now, so these 15 movies are relevant even in the 2020s.

Coming-of-age stories are relatable not only to the teenage audience that can see their current selves in the characters but also to the grown-ups who can reminisce about their younger times and try to imagine how they would act in a similar situation back then.

For some people it can act like a guide (raise your hands for those who built your identity on someone from The Breakfast Club); for others — a trip down memory lane. Some view these movies purely as works of art, but the impact of the work of art is measured by how it resonates with the viewer, and relevance is a great resonator.

From thrillers to comedies to romantic dramas, stories featuring young adults offer you the raw emotion, the feeling of freedom that comes with the lack of responsibilities, the dread oozing the doubts about the future, the creativity bordering on stupidity, and much more.