15 Forgotten Disney Movies You've Probably Never Seen but Should

15 Forgotten Disney Movies You've Probably Never Seen but Should
Image credit: Legion-Media

When you think Disney, it's all singing princesses and happily-ever-afters, right? But lurking in the shadows of these blockbuster hits are 15 Disney movies that got lost in the shuffle, movies that you've probably never seen but definitely should.

While they might not be the first titles you think of in the Disney catalogue, these 15 movies are like hidden treasures in a sea of classics, waiting to be rediscovered and given the credit they're due.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill Disney flicks; they're the ones that got tangled in webs of behind-the-scenes scandals, bruised by creative differences, or just fell flat at the box office, turning them into the kind of big-ass flops that don't make it onto the Disney+ homepage.

Each of these films tells a story, not just within their runtimes but also in the saga of their making – tales of high hopes, risky creative choices, and sometimes just plain bad luck, all combining to push them off the main stage and into the wings.

But here's the thing: buried in these overlooked and underappreciated movies are gems that deserve a second look, films that might not have had the fairy dust of mainstream success but still pack a punch with their unique charm and untold stories.